Better late than later

October 21, 2006

I was going to start this blog in the summer after I finished my studies for my masters degree, but 5 days before my last exam, the war in Lebanon broke out. Since I worked 15- to 17-hour days during the war, I delayed opening this blog, even though its importance back then outweighs now by far. On the other hand, the situation was so volatile that perhaps it’s better this way, and now I can begin with a “fresh” start. 

A little about myself first. I am originally from Houston, Texas and I moved to Israel in 2001, in the middle of the second Initifada. Since I lived in Israel from the ages of 8-14, it didn’t seem weird to me anyway. I double-majored in advertising/public relations and print journalism, and I just finished my masters degree in political science and public communications. 

I decided to start this blog for several reason, but first and foremost to have an outlet for my frustration regarding the portrayal of Israel in the media and world-wide public opinion. Also, I think that most people with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic remarks are mostly un-educated. By uneducated I do not meet did not complete middle school or college. I mean these are for the most part people who have not received a balanced report of the on-goings in the Middle East, and more specifically Israel. Therefore, in addition to current events news about Israel, I will also be posting good news aboutIsrael. Scientific breakthroughs, venture capital investments, and any other cool things going on. 

Did you know that any time there is a natural disaster Israel is among the first countries to offer search and rescue assistance? Israel always sends its squads – among the best in the world – to assist, though its assistance has been declined by fundamentalist Muslim countries. I will also be having updates in the blog about old current events stories. You know the kind, where Israel is accused of massacring thousands of Palestinians (The “Jenin Massacre” in April, 2002), but later on, when official UN reports come out saying no such massacre occurred, no one hears about it because, at best, it is reported by the obituaries. Or Israel flat-out killing a 13-year-old child only to later find out that it was Palestinian gunfire that did the job.  I will address both these cases later on, especially the “Jenin Massacre” since it is one of my case studies in my thesis. 

DId you know that we have rockets fired at us almost every single day and have for years? Didn’t think so, but I’ll keep you updated about that as well.

I hope you find this blog interesting and informative. I very much welcome any questions and suggestions you may have, and if I have the information and knowledge, I will post a blog about the requested topic. Feel free to email me at realisrael@gmail.com with any comments or questions.



  1. Rest assured that all of us are not anti-Israel. I am interested to see what you will have to say in your blog and I will add your blog to the blogroll of my personal/spiritual blog at http://manypathways.wordpress.com

  2. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that rockets were still being launched at Israel. I questioned the Israeli aggression several months ago but have also been frustrated by Palestinian refusals to accept concessions without immediately demanding more. Honestly I don’t know much about Israel (as a Christian I read what we call the Old Testament, but that certainly is not modern!) and will look forward to reading your output here. From the comment above it looks like you’ve already got one reader — count me as another!

  3. Today we had another rocket launched at us from Gaza, but I didn’t post it since I wanted to focus on other things today.

    Many times I feel the press sees only the side of Israel that is “the agressor” – rich Israel attacking poor Palestine.

    What about last August’s Disengagement that had the potential of causing a civil war in Israel? We took thousands of people out of their homes of over 30 years without asking for anything in return.

    I was all for the move, except now that I see that it didn’t help at all, it makes me mad thinking of the incredibly gorgeous land we gave up for nothing.

    I’m happy to see you read the blog. I hope you find it informative and you tell your friends about it.

  4. Good luck with your blog!

    Your blog is definitely an interesting read, although we don’t share the same political views…

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