Transvestites to Use Little Girls’ Room

October 24, 2006

* Personal note: This has NOTHING to do with the subject of my blog, but I thought it was important to get it out there. I never knew this was even an issue. Never thought about it. 

The line for the girls’ room just got longer.

 Men who live as women can now legally use women’s rest rooms in
New York’s transit system under an unprecedented deal revealed yesterday.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed to allow riders to use MTA rest rooms “consistent with their gender expression,” the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund announced yesterday.

The group filed a complaint against the MTA on behalf of a 70-year-old telephone repair technician who was arrested for using the women’s room at Grand Central Terminal.

The technician, who is assigned to the terminal by Verizon, was born Henry McGuinness but now goes by Helena Stone.

“I’m a 24-hour woman,” Stone declared proudly. “I just feel like a woman and I like to wear women’s clothes.”

The MTA would not comment on the settlement but Stone’s lawyer said it also includes mandatory transgender sensitivity training for MTA employees and a $2,000 payment to the technician for legal fees.

Michael Sullivan, Stone’s lawyer, called the settlement of the complaint with the Human Rights Commission a “milestone” toward recognition of the city law that prohibits discrimination against transgender men and women.

But some Metro-North riders at Grand Central yesterday were stunned by the ruling. “I would not like that,” said Gloria David, a retiree from
Connecticut. “I have nothing against gay men or drag queens, but they can use the men’s room. I just don’t want to go to the bathroom next to a man.”

One rider feared predators might dress as women and lurk in the women’s room. But Rena Gantz, 23, a college student, shrugged off the settlement.

“It doesn’t bother me because it is a reality,” she said. “If they believe they are women, they should be treated as one.”

From New York Daily News http://www.nydailynews.com/news/v-echo/story/464637p-390955c.html



  1. “The ruling, of course, leaves the bathroom door wide open for opportunistic perverts who dress as women solely to fulfill their warped “Peeping Tom” desires, and for actual cross-dressers who are feminine in their attire, but heterosexual in their desire.”

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  3. You’re right. I’m not sure. Then again, there isn’t any extracurricular activity going on in the ladies’ room at the MTA. Well, maybe. I’m not from NYC so I don’t know what’s going on in there. I have nothing against anyone’s sexual preferences and attitudes, and I would never kick a transvestite out of the bathroom, but I’m sure I’d be uncomfortable knowing it’s a man, even though he’s gay.

    On the other hand, I can see their side, and I’m sure this is something that is really important to them that most of us have never thought about and for them it’s a minor victory.

    So happy peeing!

  4. On the other hand, I can see their side, and I’m sure this is something that is really important to them that most of us have never thought about and for them it’s a minor victory.

    No, it’s a major victory. Transgendered women like Stone (who is HORMONALLY FEMALE, i.e. pre-op- NOT a transvestite) and myself risk violence every time we attempt to use a public restroom. To date, there have been ZERO occurrences of transgendered women committing indecent or violent acts against nontrans women. About one trans woman is killed per year because of nontrans women freaking out. Many more are beaten harassed, or assaulted.

    For a concentrated dose of reality, visit: http://www.gender.org/remember
    Be prepared to vomit.

    jodi: I carry mace for people like you.

  5. Or maybe it just got shorter with all the female to males running for the men’s room.

    Actually, for any sort of gender varient person to use the women’s room is difficult. This summer I was at a truck stop trying to work up the nerve to go into the ladies’ room. Two lesbians pull up, one looks kinda butch, but she’s still looking very female. So I figure I’m gonna follow her into the ladies room, right?
    Wrong. She headed to the men’s room, and I followed right behind her.

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