‘Band Aid’ – Israelis for Congo

May 21, 2007

Humanitarian organizations and Israeli artists join forces in a rock concert for the benefit of rape victims and their families in East Congo.

To sponsor aid, leading Israeli artists including Aviv Gefen, Ehud Banai, Ahinoam Nini (Noa), and Idan Reichel, will perform in a joint rock concert on Friday, May 27, in Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. Revenue from the concert will be donated for the building of medical clinics, medical equipment, and training professionals to help rehabilitate the rape victims and their children.

This concert is led by journalist Itay Engel who visited East Congo in 2006. This an excerpt from a column he wrote upon his return:

On the whole planet, there is no place more terrible at the moment than eastern Congo. In a six-year war, close to four million people have died. This fact is so terrifying that the phenomenon of women being raped seems insignificant. If I chose to be a journalist, and I try to tell the stories most important for the world to hear, then Bukavu in east Congo is a place I have sworn to come to for years.

Except now, after arriving and taking pictures, I am completely frustrated at the thought that maybe you can’t even hear this story. Everything here is just too much. I mean, six women who have been raped, their lives shattered, is a tragedy. Thirty rape victims is madness. Hundreds of thousands is incomprehensible. You cannot process it. You cannot relate to it.

Read the rest of the letter and the article here on Ynet.



  1. Taltalk – we ‘met’ on the comments section of the Houston Chronicle. Decided to ‘follow’ you here. Good site you have here! Do you also do what I do – look for articles concerning Israel in local media and write comments? I’ve been starting to do that. I have Google send me articles – “Gaza” – and those articles that come from local papers I check out to see if they have a comments section.

  2. Hi Chaya,

    I don’t really have the time to look for comments on all kinds of papers and Google Alerts (I have Google and Yahoo alerts on 10 different keywords for work so I don’t have the time left). I am originally from Houston, which is why you can see me on the Chronicle, and I live in Israel now, so I hear the news that isn’t really shown overseas. Glad to have you on board! 🙂

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