1 Killed, Over 40 Rockets Launched at Israel

February 28, 2008

Over 40 rockets were launched at Israel yesterday from Gaza. One of them hit Sapir College and killed a student, Roni Yechiah, a father of four who underwent kidney transplant surgery several years ago. Several more were treated for wounds.

Earlier yesterday, a rocket hit a poultry factory and later a rocket fell just outside of a Carlsberg beer factory. Several rockets also landed in Ashkelon, one of them landing near a hospital’s helicopter pad.

Hamas – yes, yes, Palestinian government Hamas – claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attacks.

My cousin studies at Sapir, as did several of my friends from the TV industry. This isn’t the first time the college has been hit, and unless something (and again, I have no idea what it would be) is done, it will most likely happen again.

What makes me happy, for lack of a better word, is to see that Olmert has not ruled out talks with the Palestinians, even though it’s their government, essentially, that has been carrying out these attacks on innocent civilians. At least he says so, since we don’t really see anything happening.

Accoring to Ynet, defense officials who spoke to PM Olmert, who was in Japan, believed that the barrages were in response for the targeting of Hamas gunmen en route to carry out a terrorist attack on Tuesday.

Makes perfect sense to me. “Let us blow up your people, or we’ll launch rockets at them.”

Here’s the problem, as I see it: Israel can only wait so long and take so much until it retaliates and enters Gaza full force. That will, of course cause war. So this is either a war on the southern part of the country or on the entire one. Without taking political sides, this is such a Catch 22. Everyone does things “in retaliation,” and things never end, except I honestly think that even when Israel tries to stop – with all due respect, it’s been a LONG time since we did anything big – we are still being provoked, and you can only provoke for so long.


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