Palestinians Dancing in the Streets

March 6, 2008

They are celebrating the deaths of innocent civilians. They’ll probably begin handing out candy soon like they usually do when Israelis are killed (Americans too, BTW – don’t be disillusioned).

You will NEVER and have NEVER seen a single Israeli or Jew dancing in the streets and handing out candy to celebrate the death of people. ANYONE.

It’s a disgrace to humankind in my opinion.



  1. Does celebrating the foundation of Israel count as celebrating the death of civilians?

  2. No, considering the only reason people died in the war of independence (on both sides) is because 5 Arab countries attacked Israel.

    Besides, Palestine is not being declared right now and not on the basis of this attack.

  3. They are not equivalent.

  4. i agree its a disgrace to mankind. i say we (america) get are “smart bombs” and do the smart thing and when these nuts are celebrating in the steets over the deaths of israeli children we bomb them off the face of the earth. all we would lose is 1000 terrorists. thank you

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