Terrorist Shot at Yeshiva Students; Explosives Belt Found

March 6, 2008

It seems the shooting was step one. The police found an explosives belt with an enormous amount of explosives nearby that would’ve ben one of the biggest bombings Israel would have seen in a long time.

There’s a lot of yelling going on in the news room so I’m off again. I’ll update more if there is more to reports. It seems there will be more.

It’s a good thing we have wireless in the control room (and no one can see me type).



  1. Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben Ruby said, “One or two terrorists infiltrated the Mercaz Harav seminary and opened fire in all directions. One terrorist was killed in an exchange of fire.” He said the dead gunman was wearing a vest that at first appeared to be an explosives vest but turned out to be a belt holding extra ammunition

  2. Thanks, Edmund. As you can see, I have posted many updates, literally as they were happening, and since we are still on air, I haven’t had a chance to go back and make corrections.

    I don’t think I will, actually – I think it’s good to see how things evolved. I do have updated posts later on.

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