Are Palestinians Against Receiving Aid? They’re Shooting Themselves in the Foot

April 10, 2008

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Yesterday’s terrorist attack was different than most. Not just because “only” two people were killed (talk to their families – see if they care that it was “only” two). In case you don’t know, 4 Palestinians snuck into Israel yesterday and murdered two Israelis who were working at a fuel terminal close to the border. It is believed that they were looking to kidnap Israelis.

The Palestinian gunmen took advantage of Israel’s eases on roadblocks. As part of an agreement made when US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in Israel, Israel eased many restrictions on the Palestinians, including opening up a checkpoint and removing 50 roadblocks.

While Israel was transferring 127 truckloads of medical aid, diapers, and basic food supplies to the Palestinians, 4 people, backed by several different terrorist organizations, took advantage of these open crossings to enter Israel and murder 2 workers at the fuel terminal (through which, by the way, Israel has been transferring over 75,000 liters of fuel a week to the strip). At the same time, the Palestinians shot more than 50 rockets and mortal shells at Israel. For the record, the purpose of the terminal is to transfer fuel, food, and medical supplies to the Palestinians.

By the way, this is not the first time that the Palestinians have taken advantage of the humanitarian crossings: This has happened quite a few times before. There have been terrorist attacks at the Karni crossing – in January 2005, 6 people were murdered. The Erez crossing also had quite a few terrorist attacks.

Here’s my question: Why in G-d’s name would you (the terrorists and terrorist organizations) take advantage of the places that help your own people? You yell and scream to the world that you are being mistreated and neglected, and when Israel eases restrictions and transfers literally tons of humanitarian aid to your own people on a daily basis, you do the one thing that could torpedo these acts.

You are shooting yourself in the foot. In Hebrew there is a saying, “You are spitting in the well you drink from.” That is actually quite literal here. So Israel is in a position where it’s damned if it does, and damned if it doesn’t. If Israel stops transferring aid – they are committing a Holocaust and are an apartheid. If they keep it going – they’re idiots. After all, while they are helping the Palestinians, the Palestinians are helping themselves to taking Israeli lives.

If Israel makes border crossings more difficult and opens up roadblocks again – it is, again, being an apartheid, committing a Holocaust, and sins against humanity. If it keeps the status quo (the present status quo), its own citizens are in danger.

Israel has been passing much humanitarian aid to the Palestinians for quite a while. Almost 20,000 truckloads (close to half a million tons) of humanitarian aid and supplies, including food and fuel, have been transferred to the Palestinians since this summer.

Let’s pretend for a moment that terrorist attacks help you achieve your purpose of getting a Palestinian state. Let’s put aside the fact that surveys SHOW that most Israelis are for a Palestinian state. How does forcing Israel to stop providing aid or making it harder for your own people to get around serve your purpose?

Is it really worth not getting the fuel and medical supplies and food from the Israelis just to prove to the world that Israel is the Big Bad Wolf?

You are risking the lives of thousands of people for the murder of a few. I’m not expert aboutIslam – I know very little. But I know that Islam is against suicide and is supposed to be a peace-seeking religion. And surely it must be about protecting its own, right?

This isn’t even close to being the only example of Palestinians torpedoing themselves. Take for example the employment situation. The Palestinian economy is in the rocks. Let’s “ignore” the fact here that, while Arab countries support the Palestinians fight against the Zionists (Israelis don’t exist), their money is only good for terrorism, not to help their “brothers.” You can also ignore the fact that millions of dollars are transferred to the Palestinians from the US government (and Israeli government) but the people don’t get to see it.

Israel allows for a certain number of Palestinians to work inside Israel proper. (Forget the fact that we have our own homeless and unemployment issues). The recent concessions made towards the Palestinians included increasing the number of Palestinians who can work inside Israel. (Remind me how many Mexicans cross the border every day to work inside the US, please?) Just today, the Shabac, one of Israel’s intelligence agencies, publicized that they were able to stop a terrorist attack that was to be carried out by two Palestinian workers at a restaurant in Ramat Gan. (Sorry – it’s in Hebrew – I couldn’t find the English version yet.) This is only today’s example, but it’s not a new one.

Israel can’t make all of the concessions and measures of good faith without receiving something on their end. We’re not asking for anything material – all we want is for the Palestinians to stop murdering innocent people and stop launching dozens of rockets and mortars on a daily basis.

Israel has tried to meet you halfway. It’s time you do the same.



  1. Thought provoking.

  2. Personally, I think Israel has done enough for the Islamic cowards. Let Saudi use their money for their Islamic brothers. What a bunch of stupid cowards these Islamics have become. If Israel dropped bombs on any Moslem missles in the world, they would be justified. It has now become a war between an evil Islamic religion and the JudeoChristian world. The Moslems started it since war is the basis of their religion conviction; take the world with lies or guns, just take the world.

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