Palestinians Feign Humanitarian Crisis? Hamas Lies? Impossible!

April 13, 2008

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I SO saw this coming.

Following last week’s terrorist attack that left 2 Israelis dead at one of the crossings used by Israel to transfer humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, Israel shut down said crossing, at least temporarily. I already covered the ridiculousness of the whole attack – torpedoing your own people’s survival, so I won’t repeat it (feel free to read it though).

Now the Palestinians are yelling humanitarian crisis to whoever will listen. There are two levels to this statement. First – it is untrue. Second – can you honestly blame Israel for shutting down the crossing?

Here are some undisputed (though not wildly advertised) facts: Israel is a big provider of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. Hundreds of trucks of fuel, medical supplies, and food are transferred into the Palestinian territories on a regular basis. Israel recently opened up more border crossings to allow more aid, and closed 50 roadblocks (among other concessions) in attempt to both ease the Palestinian suffering and show, as a measure of good faith, that it is looking for peace.

And while Israel passes all of this on, the Palestinian organizations take advantage to kill our people. So Israel has no choice but to close the crossing, at least until it can beef up security even further (beefed up security = harder for Palestinians to get through = lots of yelling and screaming again and accusations of being an apartheid).

An argument can be made about the majority of the Palestinians not advocating these actions – that may very well be true. The problem here is that it isn’t the average Palestinian to just picks up a gun or explosives and decides to kill a bunch of Israelis. They are backed by organizations, some of which are part of the government (Hamas). You can’t yell that these are individuals and the whole mustn’t be punished for actions of one person, because it does not apply here.

Which leads to the worse of the two accusations: The Palestinians are screaming humanitarian crisis and warn that if they do not get more supplies from Israel, within a couple of days they will have no electricity or supplies. This is simply NOT TRUE:

2,200,000 liters of diesel fuel are transferred through the Nahal Oz fuel terminal to the Gaza Strip power plant weekly. This power plant is capable of supplying 30% of the total electricity requirements of the Gaza Strip. The remaining power needs are supplied by Israel and Egypt. In addition, unlimited quantities of cooking gas, 800,000 liters of diesel fuel for transportation and 75,000 liters of gasoline are transferred weekly.

Col. Press stated that it has become apparent in recent weeks that the Palestinians are staging an energy crisis while instigating a strike and protest rallies. The closed filling stations, the long lines of people and vehicles waiting many hours to fill their tanks, are all part of a planned Hamas media campaign being conducted at the expense of the civilian population – a crisis caused by their failure to pump available fuel supplies from the Nahal Oz Palestinian fuel depot.

Col. Press further stated that “In the last two weeks there were no restrictions on freely pumping fuel from the Palestinian depot at Nahal Oz and distributing it to filling stations, but this did not take place. In contrast, cooking gas and diesel fuel for the power station have been supplied on a regular basis. As of today, the Palestinian stock of fuel amounts to 188,000 liters of gasoline and over 800,000 liters of diesel fuel.”

How much of this is advertised in world media, though? Not so much. Even many Jews believe the Palestinian organizations.

Israel’s biggest problem is it’s public image. The Hasbara (public diplomacy) here SUCKS. People are hearing only one side. I know this first hand – when I was living in Israel, the Palestinians and their supporters would have marches and block major intersections in Houston.

The Israelis and their supporters protested in front of the Jewish Community Center.

The funniest part is that Israel won’t even admit that it has a problem. That there is a very negative image of Israel in the world is a given. But even when Internet experts offer their help in getting the word out, the Ministry of Exterior says there is no need – they already have people.



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