Are Palestinians Shooting Themselves in the Foot – Again?

April 19, 2008

About a week ago, I posted a commentary about the Palestinians’ inability to make up their minds. On the one hand, they yell and scream humanitarian crisis – even if it’s proven to be untrue – and on the other hand they can be blamed – at least partially – for their own situation, inasmuch as they insist on infiltrating Israel at border crossings that provide humanitarian aid and killing innocent Israelis.

Today they’re at it again. This morning, several terrorists blew up car bombs and began shooting at soldiers who serve at the crossing, in a failed attempt to kidnap more Israeli soldiers. Hamas took responsibility for this attack where 13 soldiers were injured.

Yes, Hamas – the government.

How many of you out there have governments who claim humanitarian crisis, yet instead of accepting the aid that comes their way, purposefully commits terror attacks at the very crossings where aid is supposed to come through?

It seems that the Palestinians government insists on putting their people through humanitarian crises time and again, if only to gain international recognition and support. I don’t really understand how the Palestinian people take it. Would you rather die of hunger or get another 3 people to feel sorry for you?

What happens is this: Israel has pressure to provide more and more humanitarian aid to the Palestinians (I am not saying they don’t need it – they very much do). Israelis open up more crossings to transfer literally hundreds of truckloads of food and medical supplies to ease Palestinian suffering. The Palestinian government and “freedom organizations” infiltrate Israel through those crossings while humanitarian aid is being provided and proceed to kill civilians working to provide the aid or attack the soldiers who are manning those crossings to try to keep the citizens of Israel safe.

After the Palestinian government/terrorists/freedom fighters/whatever kill the Israelis at the crossings, Israel has to shut down those crossings to investigate how the terrorists got through, right? So while Israel is trying to prevent more deaths of its people (which is inevitable since the Palestinian government/organizations/freedom fighters/whatever have attacked more than once at these crossings), less aid is going through. Then the Palestinians, once again, yell humanitarian crisis, the world once again sees the plights of the Palestinians, and Israel is pressured, once again, to open up the crossings and provide aid – so that they Palestinian government/freedom fighters/terrorists/whatever can attack again and the whole things starts over.

Happy Passover, everyone.

By the way, this post directly relates to an ethical dilemma I posted a few days ago (that had a lot of views, but not a lot of comments).

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