Israel Dispatches Help, Humanitarian Aid to Myanmar (Burma)

May 7, 2008

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Following last weekend’s deadly cyclone in Myanmar, which has left at least 22,500 dead, the IsrAid organization, which sends help to foreign countries in need, will be sending to Myanmar a highly trained search-and-rescue team and a 10-member team of doctors and nurses. The teams will bring with them crucial supplies, including plastic sheeting, food, household appliances and water filters.

The Foreign Ministry will be sending an initial $100,000 aid package comprising medicine and medical equipment to Myanmar in the next few days. The emergency aid relief is a combined effort with the Jewish Joint Organization. However, Israel is planning to send additional aid to Myanmar soon.

This is not the first time Israel has offered humanitarian aid to foreign countries. Israel always offers its help after natural disasters, even though, at time, its offer is declined. Other times, such as the Tsunami several years ago, earthquakes in Turkey, the Congo, and Vietnam.

Israel also takes medical care both of foreigners, such as Iraqis, and Palestinians.

To those of you who think Israel is taking care of everyone but the Palestinians, Israel has never stopped giving humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, even in light of the terrorist attacks that constantly occur at the crossings whose sole purposes are to pass humanitarian aid into Gaza.


  1. Good for Israel — and good luck getting in. Myanmar is run by one of the most corrupt regimes in modern history. It’s just sickening that the Myanmar military junta is more concerned about its new constitution than the millions of people in need.

  2. If they don’t let Israel help, they won’t be the first. Other countries have refused help before, like Indonesia, I think.

  3. $100,000 dollars – wow!!! I am sure that will go a long way. My goodness I think if every country gave $100,000 that would be all you would need.
    Good for Israel for sending a grand total of $100,000 dollars. Did that comeout of the US Foreign Aid to the country or someones bank account?

  4. OK, seriously, is there ANY way to win with you? If Israel gives nothing – we’re animals. If we DO give aid – it’s not enough or it’s stolen money.

    Financial aid isn’t the only type of aid needed at all, and Israel has excellent medical and search and rescue teams who are always sent whenever natural disasters occur anywhere – even in Muslim countries (though they usually deny the aid).

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