Taking an Unplanned Break

May 21, 2008

Due to some personal issues, I have been unable to update the blog over the past week, and will, most likely, not be updating it over the next couple of weeks. It’s a shame, since the blog has really begun to pick up, but matters are beyond my control and I have neither the time nor the concentration necessary to update the blog at the moment.

I apologize, but I promise I will be back when things settle down a bit. I may still make the occasional post, we’ll see.


  1. I know how it feels when there is all this pressure and allthough you would like to there is simply not the time to throw some information on our screens.
    Being very analythical I read between the lines you to have robbed a bank, got yourself a wheelbarrow full of cash and need time to sort out the currency.

    Sunday’s do give me a lot of extra energy.

  2. No – mom got sick again, brain surgery, sister had baby.

    Will get back to posting very soon.

  3. We have to be grateful to live in places like ours, a few kilometres to the east the people are less fortunate.
    In medicine the improvements change by the year, people who in a past would not survive do now have the opportunity to look forward again.
    In your situation the hapiness about the baby might give you all a boost for the future.

  4. I hope everything is ok. And thanks for your thoughtful comment on jodifur.

  5. Thanks.

    See you on Twitter. 🙂

  6. Sorry about your mom. Hope she gets better.

  7. Thank you. This is why it’s been taking longer for me to approve comments and I haven’t posted anything new in a while.

  8. I followed you over here from Twitter. I really love everything you have to say and feel I am becoming more educated and informed with every post I read.

    As a Southern Baptist mom living in Texas, I really appreciate learning about Israel & about your life there. I hope that things settle down for you soon and that you are able to post again. I enjoy your writing!

  9. Thanks, Buffi, I really appreciate it (did you see that I’m also from Texas? I have a couple of posts about it.)

  10. Until now never had the chanche myself but you being at home with Negev cuisine could help.
    I wonder how fried Hyrax tastes, is it something like coypu, rabbit or for example antilope?

  11. Hi JP,

    No, sorry. Haven’t eaten any of those.

  12. Wait a sec, you’re by coincidence are a vegetarian?, if my writing about dead animals in a way offends you I am sorry.

  13. No, I’m not a vegetarian, but the only meat I eat is beef and chicken, and not that often. I just haven’t ever tried the others. No offense taken, don’t worry.

  14. Hi,
    was just thinking about you and missing your twitter updates. wanted to say hello!
    Hope all is ok.

  15. Hey dahlink, just wanted to check in and say HELLO and see how you were doing. Missing your enthusiasm over on Twitter 🙂

  16. Refuah Shlaymah to your mom. Mazal Tov to your sister.

    Hope you are back up and about soon…

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