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I am a hybrid. I grew up both in Israel and in Texas, so my outlook on the world is a bit different than that of someone who has lived in one. I used to work in television, but now work in hi-tech (though occasionally I still dabble in TV). I have a masters in political communications, and though I don’t work in the field, it is dear to my heart, which is why I have this blog. I know that Israel is oftentimes misrepresented in the media, and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

Feel free to comment and email me at realisrael@gmail.com with any questions you may have. Thanks for visiting!


  1. I know Israel is oftentimes misrepresented in the media, and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

    From the above line I understand you to see the quality of the official governments spokespeople go into a downward negative spiral?
    Being curious towards the unknown I first wanted to ask you what this TalTalk means but have found out it to be a combination with your first name.
    What has been wondering me for a long time, a lot of people write to be working in high-tech, could you please tell me what jobs we are talking about.

  2. I don’t think it’s the quality of the people themselves but the entire program. I think we’re putting out fires ineffectively instead of preventing them to begin with. We’re always on the defensive.

    Yes, TalTalK is Taltal (a nickname) and K is the first letter of my last name. When I opened my first AOL email back in 1997 or something like that, Taltal was already taken. It just so happens the screenname also spells Tal Talk, which is also descriptive of me, so it’s a win-win situation.

    As for hi-tech, who knows. When I started working in hi tech I was content editor, then a community manager, and now a product manager. I know hi tech people from every type of job who blog – maybe there are so many of us because we are more… knowledgeable about technology, I guess, or at least sooner. Who knows.

  3. In writing of putting out fires ineffectivly you do admit there to be something to be wrong, how long ago did you do this masters in political communications?
    You should not forget it to be 2008 instead of 1967, like Vietnam was lost on tv the world sees what is happening on the West Bank within an an hour.

    TalTalk, your favourite hobby is to talk, I see.

    Did expect hi-tech to be something technical like computers or and construction, from your explanation even a cabby is in high-tech.

    Being overly interested in the meaning of life, why did you give me a blue mongrel, is there a code of use or expected intelligence for the various contributors to your writings.

  4. The masters was two years ago more or less. It’s recent. I’m only 30. 🙂

    The icons are automatic – I don’t choose which goes to who.

    I think there isn’t a place that doesn’t have to put our fires. What I mean by it, however, is that there are things we do with very good reason, and if we were to explain it ahead of time, it wouldn’t snowball to catastrophic proportions.

    That said, there are things I don’t agree with either. The US, in my opinion, has a lot more ‘splaining to do than Israel, the difference is we are portrayed as monsters on a regular basis, and we have done nothing (read: visible) to combat this.

  5. Dunno TalTalk, a blue lob with a black fountain on it’s head is not exactly a compliment to me.

    Being slightly impulsive I at first sight would agree with you about the minor extinguising capability of your country’s spokesmen, but within the rules of diplomacy things not allways do go in the direction we do expect.

    I would not be this hard on the US if I were you, if George W. Bush would read your blog you’d be expelled from Texas within the blink of an eye.
    And when he tells Shimon Peres about it they will send you for three weeks to the Negev to think things over.

  6. There is “not expect” and there is “seem as though we are not trying.” There is SO much about Israel people don’t know, and when they find out they are shocked. Since clearly our government isn’t getting word out, many of us feel it is our job to do so.

    As for Bush and Peres, that’s the beauty about Israel. You can make a negative comment and your music won’t be banned from most country stations, and you won’t be forced to write a song called “Not Ready to Make Nice” just because you express yourself.

    And my dad has restaurants in the Negev so you don’t scare me.

  7. Viva Zapata! TalTalk, the many of you who feel misunderstood should start a revolution in news-land.

    If there is something which truly gives me mixed feelings it is being served in a restaurant in the Negev.

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