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Go to Sleep in Israel, Wake Up in Palestine

March 14, 2008

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Update to this post here.

I’m sorry, what?

It appears that a resident of Ma’ale Adumin found out that his city is listed on Facebook as part of Palestine. Facebook no longer allows residents of several towns, such as Ariel, Ma’ale Adumim, Beitar Eilit, and others, to be listed as residents of Israel. Instead, they are listed as living in Palestine.

I can completely understand the desire to be as “politically correct” as possible. However, this action on the side of Facebook is, in my opinion, WAY out of line. I have yet to see a person from Texas listed as Mexico. I wonder what’s going on with the people from Kosovo (Kosova?) What are they listed as?

Why would such an enormous site, one of the top ten sites in the WORLD, choose to make such a stupid move? If you want to avoid the conflict of “which country does this belong to” then don’t have the town as an option. Have them only write Israel. Or only write “Ariel” or “Ma’ale Adumim.” But suddenly moving someone to another country?

I can guarantee you that if at any point Ariel and other towns will later be part of a Palestinian country (and Ariel will definitely NOT be), that they will change their names. The Palestinians would not keep them with a Hebrew name. So there will NEVER be a place named Ariel, Palestine or Ma’ale Adumim, Palestine.

I’m all about openess and freedom on the Internet, especially on enormously popular sites. But with popularity comes responsiblity, and taking upon yourself to decide about political situations that don’t even relate to you (with all due respect to Palo Alto, California) is completely irresponsible. As it is, there are so many anti-semitic and anti-Israel groups on Facebook that no one will remove. If these were groups against African Americans or gays, they would be gone in a moment.

However, not only are the simply “anti-semitic” groups still up, even after thousands of complaints, but recently a group was opened about the “martyrdom” of the terrorist who murdered 8 kids last week in the terrorist attack in Jerusalem. This group is still up.

I think it’s a disgrace, and as someone who owes quite a few friendships (old ones that came back) to Facebook, it makes me look down at the site and wonder if it’s really where I want to be. Digg it Furl reddit StumbleUpon