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Murderer to Have Sex for 10 Hours

October 23, 2006

Yigal Amir, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s killer, will be meeting wife Larissa Trimbobler for a conjugal visit Tuesday. For those of you who don’t know, they married recently, having never met before the assasination.

The conjugal visit will take place on Tuesday at the Ayalon Prison. The conjugal visit will last 10 hours.

No security cameras will be monitor the room but the location will be secured.

What a shame. I’m sure the sex tape would sell even better than Screech’s sex tape (the dude from from Saved by the Bell…)

P.S. I know you are all dying to know what’s on the tape. It is supposed to be out next month, with Dustin Diamond receiving part of the profits (if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!). I promise to keep you updated!

P.P.S. I have placed this post in uncategorized as well since it perfectly explains this entire post… 🙂