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Terrorist T-Shirt for Sale

October 23, 2006

Have any of you seen this new t-shirt? Terrorist T-ShirtIt’s great for a Halloween costume… just a few days to go. I think it’s horrible, though a friend of mine here at work thinks it is hilarious and he says he would buy it. If you take into consideration that on a normal day he looks like a terrorist to begin with, maybe that isn’t such a good idea. 

I chuckled at the shirt at first, too, and the site owners do have a disclaimer: “For all you morons who are just stupid, this t-shirt is a joke, a gag, and meant for fun. There are no real explosives. Harm is not our intent.”  I went on their website to see what else they have written, and to see if they have any comments on their site. Of all the comments on the page, none of them were from a city or country that has been the victim of a terrorist attack.  This got me thinking: you know how they say that African Americans can call each other the “N word” but other people can’t? Or how Jews can call Jews names, but others can’t?

Well, it feels to me that the only people who should be making fun of explosives belts are those in London and Madrid and Israel, not those in Boise, Idaho and Chicago, Illinois.