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Are Palestinians Against Receiving Aid? They’re Shooting Themselves in the Foot

April 10, 2008 Digg it Furl StumbleUpon

Yesterday’s terrorist attack was different than most. Not just because “only” two people were killed (talk to their families – see if they care that it was “only” two). In case you don’t know, 4 Palestinians snuck into Israel yesterday and murdered two Israelis who were working at a fuel terminal close to the border. It is believed that they were looking to kidnap Israelis.

The Palestinian gunmen took advantage of Israel’s eases on roadblocks. As part of an agreement made when US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in Israel, Israel eased many restrictions on the Palestinians, including opening up a checkpoint and removing 50 roadblocks.

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Qassam Hits Empty House in Sderot

March 4, 2008

A Qassam hit an empty house in Sderot early this morning, destroying the house almost completely. Thankfully, the homeowners were away on a visit in Givatayim (near Tel Aviv).

Additionally, around 10 am, two Qassams were launched into Southern Israel and two mortal shells landed near the border fence. In all incidents there were no injuries.

Apparently, the couple’s children had been trying to convince the couple to leave Sderot for years. Last night their son was finally able to convince them to leave.